Tedeschi’s, With Two JP Locations, Sold to 7-Eleven

File photo: The Tedeschi's by the Monument in JP.

File photo: The Tedeschi’s by the Monument in JP. Credit: Chris Helms

7-Eleven has bought regional convenience store chain Tedeschi’s, according to the Boston Globe.

Tedeschi’s operates two locations in JP near one another at 684 and 779 Centre St. in Centre/South. There’s a 7-Eleven in Hyde Square at 451 Centre.

It isn’t clear if the sale will result in store closings, the Globe reported.

For more on 7-Eleven’s purchase, including the company’s trend of buying regional convenience store chains, please visit the Globe.

Tedeschi Food Shops Inc., one of the last remaining locally owned convenience store chains, is being acquired by giant 7-Eleven Inc. Based in Rockland, Tedeschi has 182 stores in Massachusetts and New Hampshire and reported more than $600 million in revenue. Continue reading below The chain will become part of 7-Eleven’s empire of 10,500 stores in North America alone.

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  • I heard this mentioned on WBUR this morning so thanks for including the link to the Globe story. I’m really curious to know what this will mean to Tedeschi’s customers. Not only do we have stores with employees to consider, as well as the fact that this could mean three 7-11 stores a single stretch of Centre Street, but I also wonder what will happen to the choice that customers now have with the Tedeschi store brand products. There’s probably a number of items that one chain carries as a store brand that the other doesn’t, completely leaving out the hot foods 7-11 sells that Tedeschi’s doesn’t, and there’s the joint Tedeschi’s/Dunkin Donuts location. I suspect 7-11 won’t want to continue the contract for the shared store space since it will compete with the 7-11 line of hot ready to eat products.

    Perhaps we can finally do something about the two Tedeschi locations within blocks of each other, the former Store 24 and Little Peach stores. When they were rebranded I was surprised the smaller (former Little Peach) location wasn’t closed to focus the business to the other store, although I know some customers won’t like the possibility of losing that store.

    • Lisa Marie Garver

      This will ruin the beauty of Centre Street.

  • Hugo_JP

    Shouldn’t this be a call for our Anti-Chain residents to start raising Cain?

    • I originally wondered if there was a monopoly issue but once I read the Globe article I decided it probably wasn’t worth bringing it up. There are enough other questions with the acquisition for me.

  • FartFace

    This news will be devastating to the occupants of the “Keno Players Only” table.