Top Walsh Staffer Leaves for Pro-Olympics Group Boston 2024

After an ethics panel told Joe Rull he’d need to walk a fine line balancing his old job as chief of operations for Mayor Marty Walsh with his new one as head of administration for Boston 2024, Rull took the $175,000 a year job, according to the Herald.

The Globe, in a story on his appointment to the Walsh administration, called the Southie native the mayor’s “ambassador to the people.”

John Ruch, editor of the Jamaica Plain Gazette, which has been closely following how the Olympics might impact JP, Tweeted that this could be the beginning of a wave.

Joe Rull, Mayor Martin J. Walsh’s chief of operations and one of his closest friends and advisers, is leaving his city post to become chief of administration for Boston 2024, the nonprofit working to bring the Olympics here.

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