Transit Police Officer Disciplined Over Racist Facebook Post

An MBTA Officer posted: “Farther’s (sic) Day, the most confusing day in Roxbury.”

A Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority transit police officer has been disciplined after a post on his Facebook page. A Father’s Day post on Officer Joe Rossi’s Facebook page read, “Farther’s (sic) Day, the most confusing day in Roxbury.” “It’s a sad commentary on what this gentleman thinks is going on in communities of color,” said Boston NAACP President Michael Curry.

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  • Nat Turner

    Facebook, and Twitter, support and therefore encourage racism,
    it’s not like they don’t have Black African membership,
    but see fit to disrespect us.
    The Boeremag (farmer force) a White racist terror group, jailed in
    Azania – South Africa for trying to bomb the late
    President Nelson Mandela,
    then start a race war where all “non Whites” would
    be driven out of the country and an all White state set up.
    Facebook hosts a support page for them,
    please sign the petition against this.
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