What Forest Hills Would’ve Looked Like With I-95 Running Through It

Nearly everyone in JP or who passes through it is talking about the traffic resulting from the demolition phase of the Casey Arborway project. Resident Clay Harper found images of what Forest Hills would’ve looked like had planners in the 1950s and 60s succeeded in getting I-95 built through the heart of the neighborhood.

For more, including the stunning renderings of our neighborhood with a freeway driven through it’s heart, head over to Harper’s blog, Arborway Matters.

note: this page hastily assembled in order to show these images} A lot of folks in Jamaica Plain over the last few years have been screaming about a “highway” being built where the “beautiful new bridge” of their dreams could be.

Read more at: arborwaymatters.blogspot.com

  • hydesquare

    I don’t think having the mindset that “it could’ve been much worse” is an acceptable excuse to blindly accept the mediocre plans and questionable statistics that the State and a handful of well meaning but myopic, misguided and evidently delusional JP do-gooders have foisted upon us. I may be in the minority here, but I think JP and the rest of Boston deserve so much more.

    • Where has anyone posited the notion that “it could have been worse”? The point of my blog post – which I’ve either poorly made or you’ve missed entirely – was that a) a lot of people have compared the project underway to a highway b) here’s a 50 year-old vision of what an actual highway slicing through J.P. might have looked like.

      To use it as an excuse to accuse your neighbors who participated in the planning process of blindly following anyone, and to further accuse them of delusion while hiding behind a near-annoymou moniker is the height of ignorant cowardice. If you’d like to debate any of these topics with facts or data, you’ll have no shortage of takers.

      • hydesquare

        I think it’s fine for people to have differing opinions; I believe it makes for a lively and healthy discussion. But I don’t think it’s necessary or very nice to resort to name calling, clay. Let’s keep the discussion on a polite adult level. And by the way, clay, the answer is a); your point was poorly made. Respond if you like, but I don’t plan on reading it, as I find it a little frustrating to try to explain simple thoughts to a closed and one track mind.

        • And you would characterize “Myopic, misguided, and evidently delusional JP do-gooders” as something other than a name-calling slur, I suppose.