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The Frogmore Unveils Brunch Menu, Launching This Weekend

Chef Jason Albus of the newly opened The Frogmore in JP rolls out a Southerly brunch this Saturday, July 18. Albus will turn out brunch eats from the rich flavors of coastal South Carolina and Georgia – think creamy grits, country ham, pickled shrimp and hoecakes – with fried pork chops and cheesy tater tots for good measure. Check out the full menu below. (more…) Continue Reading →

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Sneak Preview: The Frogmore Brings Southern Hospitality to Hyde Square

CJ Reese, who like a large majority of the staff lives in or very near JP, tends bar.

The Frogmore, a coastal Carolina-style restaurant and bar, has adopted the pineapple as a symbol of how it hopes to integrate into Hyde Square. For southerners, the pineapple means hospitality. The pineapple is also a sign of the Latino culture in Hyde Square, and you’ll see it displayed prominently on signs around the neighborhood. (more…) Continue Reading →

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