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Daffodil Planting

JP Centre/South Main Streets has secured 300 daffodil bulbs from the City of Boston to plant in public spaces. Our planned locations are: in front of the South Street tennis courts and mall, at the Monument at Monument Square, and if time and bulbs permit, at the park across from Curley School. With enough volunteers, we can make short work of it! We are asking for volunteers that can bring their own gardening tools. Drinks and snacks will be provided (please rsvp, so that we can plan accordingly). Continue Reading →

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Native Plants for Professionals

Join Dan Jaffe to learn about the best native plant materials available today for use in the design and landscape trades. Covering everything from plants for tough spots to specialty plants for specific habitats, this class will add a host of less-familiar native species to your plant palette. Program Code: HOR1200
Instructor: Dan Jaffe
Cosponsor: Ecological Landscape Alliance Continue Reading →

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Pros and Cons of Assisted Plant Migration

Climate change poses many challenges to plants that are adapted to particular environmental conditions. Conservation biologists ask: How best can we protect plant diversity in light of these challenges? Should we actively move plants or genes, protect land that enables plants to migrate on their own, or take other steps? Engage in a moderated, lively discussion based on provided readings and your own opinions. Continue Reading →

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Wildflowers of Summer

With their showy flowers, the summer blooming native plants of New England are a treat. In this quick introduction to seasonal favorites, we will learn to identify flowers, habitats, and pollinators by combining classroom instruction and a walk in the field at Garden in the Woods. Bring a hand lens and Wildflowers of New England. Program Code: BOT4011
Instructor: Neela de Zoysa, botanist
Fee: $40 (Member) / $48 (Nonmember) Continue Reading →

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