Juicygreens Juice Bar and Cafe to Open in Old Co-op Space on South Street

A family medical practitioner and a former Boston Public Schools high school teacher plan to open Juicygreens, a juice bar and cafe later this year in part of the old Harvest Co-op space on South Street. "I've come to realize that there's a lot more to health than medicine," said Mike Lowney, a primary care physician specializing in osteopathic medicine at the family-run Lowney Medical practice in Hyde Park. "Food is the start of what we put in our bodies." "We wanted a fast, casual healthy place to eat and couldn't find one, so we said, 'Let's make one,'" said Ammy Lowney. The married couple's menu will include cold-pressed juice made on-site, 100 percent real fruit smoothies, nut mylks (non-dairy milks), acai bowls, coffee, salads, soaked oats, Colombian corn arepas and a toast bar (with options such as the very trendy avocado toast). Customers will also be able to add supplements to their juice like B-12 and anti-inflammatory options.