Resident parking sign in Moss Hill

Permit Parking Comes to Moss Hill

“Resident Permit Parking Only” signs have come to Moss Hill, where every house has a driveway and almost every driveway leads to a garage. Resident Lois Tow said that some of her neighbors were unhappy when visitors to the Faulkner Hospital parked on the neighborhood streets. Also, streets near the Manning School get crowded when parents drop off their kids and pick them up. As Tow tells the story, someone came around with a petition, and the signs went up. Tow said that her landscapers got a ticket and that an acquaintance who lives in Roxbury had trouble finding a parking place to attend an event at her child’s school.

JP 10-Year-Old Places Third in City Spelling Bee

Isabella Baez-Giangreco, a 10-year-old JP resident who goes to the Manning School, took third place in the Boston Center for Youth and Families City-wide Spelling Bee on Saturday. She was the youngest of the top three finishers, as two spellers from West Roxbury — 13-year-old Christy Jeston and 12-year-old Emily Sun — took first and second place respectively. Jeston's winning word was "schottische." He told the Herald his study of word origins paid off. "I was pretty confident, actually," Jeston told the Herald.