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Developing an Effective Fraud Risk Management Program

Key Take Away

This AML compliance webinar will look at various ways in which a financial institution or business may fall victim to fraud and ways in which such financial institution or business may develop a risk management to detect suspect fraud. Overview

Risk of fraud is one of the types of fraud encountered by organizations today. If not addressed on time, it can bring disastrous results. Building effective fraud risk management program is a must. To do this, you must have tangible understanding of how and why fraud is carried out. Continue Reading →

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Preparing And Reporting On Cash And Tax Basis Financial Statements

Key Take Away

This training on financial management is a great way to brush up on the current standards and issues in preparing and reporting on cash and tax basis financial statements. Overview

The course covers the whole spectrum of cash and tax basis financial statements including accounting standards, engagement and representation letters, disclosure, reporting, and engagement administration. Why Should You Attend

Bases of accounting other than Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, referred to as “Other Comprehensive Bases of Accounting” or OCBOA, have become a widely used alternative to the numerous and sometimes complex accounting requirements prescribed by GAAP.  Unfortunately, there is very little authoritative guidance on applying OCBOA.  Unlike GAAP, there is no standard setting organization for OCBOA. Continue Reading →

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Mayor Walsh: Helping Homeowners By Increasing Boston’s Residential Property Tax Exemption

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

When I ran for mayor, I knew I wanted to make Boston a city where every resident can afford to live, work and raise a family. Since I’ve been elected, Boston has grown — fast. Our population is expanding rapidly and we’re expected to reach over 700,000 residents by 2030. Our tech sector is booming, and the construction of our commercial and residential buildings are reaching new heights. While I’m excited about our economic growth, increasing investment and the new jobs arriving in our neighborhoods, we also need to make sure we are meeting the needs of every family in Boston. Continue Reading →

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Help Could Be on the Way for Seniors With Skyrocketing Property Taxes

Finally, there’s good news for seniors who own their own homes and want to stay in JP. On Tuesday, Mayor Marty Walsh signed a “home rule petition” to give tax deferrals to long-term home owners. It could be part of a solution for some in the battle against rising property costs. (more…) Continue Reading →

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