What Percentage of JP Residents are Sox vs. Yankees Fans?

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Have you ever wondered whether your neighbors are more likely to be Red Sox fans or Yankees fans?

Living in Boston, your instincts would tell you that there are more Red Sox fans than Yankees fans in Jamaica Plain. And you'd be correct. But what exact percentage of fans are part of Red Sox nation, and which percentage are sporting Yankees hats?

Thanks to a new interactive map published by the New York Times, we can see a tiny window into which zipcodes lean one way or the other. The map pulls data from Facebook profiles, to get a clear picture of where our neighbor's - and other cities, and states - allegiances truly lie.

For the 02130 zipcode, the neighborhood runs 71 percent Red Sox fans, 12 percent Yankees fans, and - wildcard - 2 percent Braves fans, according to the Facebook data.

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