Herald Review: Homicide Clearance Rate High in JP

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District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) Headquarters, Boston Police

Chris Helms

District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) Headquarters, Boston Police

The Herald's wide-ranging report on police clearance rates for killings in Boston shows an above-average rate of making an arrest or naming a suspect in JP homicides.

While the city averaged a clearance rate of 47 percent for homicides from 2004 to 2013, killings along Centre Street and Hyde Park Avenue were solved more than 80 percent of the time. Of the 14 homicides on Centre (counting JP and West Roxbury) and Hyde Park Avenue (counting JP and Hyde Park), 12 were closed.

Three of those clearances came in the stabbing and shootings at Same Old Place in 2010, where gang-fueled violence claimed the lives of all three young men involved in the fight.

The Herald review also found that killings of white people were solved at a higher rate than those involving African Americans or Hispanics.

The entire series is worth a read. Here's a link to all articles in the Herald's Justice on Hold series.