Noisy, Blinking Bag Shuts Down Sigourney Street

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Hello neighbors. Here's your Morning Memo for all things JP for Wednesday, July 30.

City Hall to Go Comes to Hyde-Jackson: A mobile truck where you can transact many types of city business will be in JP from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday. City Hall to Go will be at 10 Mozart St.

JP Lawmaker Urges Review of Unsolved Homicides: If you haven't been reading the Herald's excellent "Justice on Hold" series, about racial disparities in homicide investigations, here's a link to all the articles. State Rep. Russell Holmes (D-Mattapan), whose district includes part of JP, is calling on police to re-examine each of the city's 336 unsolved killings from the past decade.


Wonder Why Police Shut Down Sigourney Street Last Night?: Universal Hub has the scoop. It involved a package that was "blinking and making noise in the bushes."

Those photos above, courtesy of Oliver Young, are the culprits.

Have a great day, JP!