Make Flying Coach Feel Like First Class

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How often do you travel by plane? Whether you’re a jet setter, or occasionally fly to visit family during the holiday season, you know that it can be a huge pain. Here are a few tips that can make your experience on a plane more comfortable and stress-free.

Before boarding your flight:

Be smart about how you pack: There’s not much more stressful when travelling than trying to keep track of a dozen different bags. If you can, consolidate your stuff as much as possible. Check a suitcase with everything you don’t need on the flight, and limit your carry-on bag as much as possible. For short flights, you should be able to get by with just a tablet, book, or magazine. For longer flights, you might want to consider a laptop loaded with movies or offline games.

Dress for success: Back in the day, when flying was a special occasion, passengers would dress up just to board a flight. Nowadays, though, it’s common to see people in sweats or pajamas for a flight. If you don’t have to run straight to a meeting after you touch down, consider dressing down a bit. Men don’t need a jacket or a belt. Ladies can skip the high heels and miniskirts.

Charge up: If you’re planning to bring electronics on to the plane, make sure that they are fully charged before takeoff. Remember, there may not be an available plug in the terminal! If you’re worried about running out of juice, you might want to get a portable battery for your device.

Choosing the right seat:

An airplane’s seat will never be as comfortable as your favorite recliner – that’s a fact that you’ll just have to accept. In fact, airplane seats have shrunk since the 1960s, while the average person is over 25 pounds heavier! There’s no doubt – these two facts combined make for a less than stellar flight compared to those fifty years ago. Thankfully, there are still a couple of options to choose from that can make your flight as comfortable as possible.

First, make an effort to book your flight early so that you have a chance to get a seat in the emergency exit row. There are only a few of these seats on the plane, and they book fast, so you have to have luck on your side if you want to score these choice seats.

If the emergency exit row is already booked, consider snapping up a seat in the first row – they have a little extra leg room, but be aware that there is no seat in front of this row, so any carry on items must be stored in the overhead bins.

Want an expert opinion when choosing your seat? Just check out for the insider information, including seats with a little extra leg room. All you need to know to check the seats on your flight is the airline, flight number, and date of the flight.

Keep yourself comfortable:

Travelling should be a stress-free experience. Make sure that you have all that you need to stay comfortable, be it a new book and some noise-cancelling headphones or a blanket and a neck pillow. Make sure that you stay hydrated during your flight (to save some money, bring an empty water bottle with you through security and fill it up at a water fountain in the terminal). For long flights, make a point to get up occasionally and stretch your legs.

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