Help Us Find the Missing JP Music Festival Banner

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So, apparently a group of people gathered at the Hyde Square rotary on Saturday and after they dispersed, the photo

The JP Music Festival would like to get the banner back (quickly!) because a) it cost us money and we put this FREE event for the neighborhood...and we are very careful with our spending, b) it's a common, public place for all sorts of organizations to hang banners to help get the word out about events in JP--it's there for all to use, and c) we only have three weeks before the festival—Saturday, September 6th from 12-7 at Pinebank Field—so we want to make everyone passing through Hyde Square knows about it.

If you know anything about where the banner may have gone (and, more importantly, can help us retrieve it so we can hang it back up!), please post a comment below (or bring it to the Brendan Behan Pub—no questions asked). We're offering a free JP Music Festival t-shirt to whoever brings it back safely!

Your friends at the JP Music Festival