Cops Collar Break-in Suspects in Playhouse

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Boston Police responded quickly to a call of a break-in in progress on Barlow Street. The subsequent chase had cops swarming in Forest Hills on Monday just after noon.

Police arrived to find three male suspects inside 27 Barlow St., according to Police Officer Neva Coakley. Officers recognized them from an incident about 15 minutes before, she said.

The trio took off, with one of them caught trying to get over a fence at 62 Woodlawn. That suspect turned out to be a juvenile from Boston, Coakley said.

Meanwhile the other two suspects eluded their pursuers, making it over to Tower Street, according to Universal Hub.

But their escape was short-lived.

Officers found the two hiding in a child's playhouse in the backyard of 62 Woodlawn, Coakley said.

"They did an excellent job," Coakley said of the prompt response and successful hunt for the suspects.

Police recovered several presumably stolen items from the trio, including cell phones, watches and a collection of rare coins.

Arrested were two juveniles, both male. One is from Boston and the other from Roxbury. They'll face charges of breaking and entering, destruction of property and trespassing. The adult arrested was Roshawn Braggs, 20, of Roxbury. He is charged with breaking and entering, destruction of property, trespassing and buying or receiving stolen goods.