JP’s Tremendous Maid To Enter FedEx Small Business Grant Contest for Chance to Win $25,000

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Tremendous Maid Cleaning Crew

When Cornell graduate Victoria Amador started her commercial and residential janitorial business, Tremendous Maid, in Boston’s diverse Jamaica Plain neighborhood, she made a concerted effort to employ members of the largely immigrant, local community.

A transplant from the Dominican Republic herself, she understands the hardships and pitfalls of which recent immigrants in the US are typically fraught. She saw her
business as an opportunity to make money, but also spread the wealth--a commendable, and actually profitable venture.

Tremendous Maid Cleaning Crew

Tremendous Maid Cleaning Crew

Today, Victoria, who manages the company with her sister, Nisaury, and mother, Rosa, employs over 30 local immigrants within her cleaning crews and staff. But in addition to paychecks, her employees are also provided complementary courses in financial literacy and the English language; initiatives she says will save her money in the long run.

It is Victoria’s investment in her employees that will allow her the convenience of hiring from within Tremendous Maid, as she broadens her clientele, and looks to expand. A former Executive Assistant Housekeeper at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, Victoria knows how much easier it is for a company to hire from within,
rather than spend time and resources seeking external help. Already, many of her employees have experienced upward mobility in lower levels of the company, and it’s only a matter of time before they exceed their current roles.

This year Tremendous Maid has entered into Federal Express’ Small Business Grant Contest for the chance to win $25,000. A grant from Federal Express will allow the company to invest an additional $20,000 towards English language, computer, and leadership training courses for their employees, granting senior staff better mobility, and the opportunity to transcend their current roles in pursuit of positions in management. With the help of this initiative, and others that will be made possible by the grant, Tremendous Maid plans to produce 160 more jobs by 2018.