What’s Open in Jamaica Plain?

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We're # OPEN!

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While authorities are urging people to hunker down in their apartments and homes, we keep getting requests for what's actually open during the blizzard. Here's what we know so far. We'll update this list as we learn of other openings.

This kind of information can change fast, so I do recommend calling before you head over. And, as Eater Boston points out in their city-wide list, there's still a vehicle travel ban and the T isn't running, so you'll only want to go places you can walk to.

Whole Foods is Open Wednesday: And they say they've received deliveries, so the shelves aren't empty.

City Feed, Part II: City Feed is open Wednesday.

Eastern Bank: Open Wednesday.

Harvest Coop: The South Street and Forest Hills locations opened at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

Mike's Fitness: Open Wednesday.

Canary Square: Open with tomato soup and grilled cheese. And booze.

Doyle's: The historic tavern opened at noon Tuesday.

Tres Gatos: Open starting at 5:30 p.m. with beer and wine service only (and maybe some free snacks.)

Galway House: Open with full kitchen.

City Feed Will Be Open: Both the Centre Street and Boylston Street locations of the local grocer will be open Tuesday, according to an employee who wrote to Jamaica Plain News saying, "For the day, we have assembled a local staff who have requested to work. We all will be walking to work. I thought neighbors would want to know where they can turn for supplies. Should be a fun day of service to neighbors."

Ula Cafe: The 284 Amory St. bakery plans to be open on Tuesday.

The Haven: The little outpost of Scotland in Hyde Square opened at noon on Tuesday, showing a suitably Scotch disdain for the weather.

The Brendan Behan Pub: Of course The Behan is open!

Aurum Restaurant: The Hyde Square fresh meat and veggie pie place is serving.

For all your JP blizzard news in one place, check Jamaica Plain Storm Center.