UPDATE: Civic Meeting on Huge Economy Plumbing Project Postponed

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Community Meeting Flyer

Egeston Square Main Street and Egleston Square Neighborhood Association

Community Meeting Flyer

Community Meeting Flyer

Egeston Square Main Street and Egleston Square Neighborhood Association

Good morning, neighbors. Here's your Morning Memo for all things Jamaica Plain for Tuesday, Feb. 10:

Economy Plumbing Meeting Still On: UPDATE: Organizers have postponed this meeting because the venue was not open and the difficulty of moving around in the snow.

As of late Monday, organizers of Tuesday’s community meeting about a huge proposed development centered on what is now Economy Plumbing told us it was still scheduled to take place. Egleston Square Neighborhood Association and Egleston Square Main Street are cohosting the meeting, which concerns 3200 Washington St. The area is on the drawing board to become 73 apartments, three townhouses plus retail space. The meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday at Brookside Community Health Center, 3297 Washington St.

Trash/Recycling Delayed a Day: So if Tuesday was your day, pickup would be Wednesday, etc. If you're in the part of JP that usually gets pickups twice each week, your next pickup is Thursday. Public Works posted photos of how to place your bins during snow, but shoveling down to the pavement and making a space for the bins seems just about impossible on many streets. They'd like you to at least try not to put the bins behind snow banks.

State of Emergency: As you probably know, Gov. Charlie Baker declared a state of emergency on Monday so the hardest-hit parts of the Commonwealth (like us) can focus on snow removal. There isn't a motor vehicle travel ban, but non-emergency state workers are being asked to stay home.

No Subway, Trolley or Commuter Rail: As you also probably know, the T is basically not running on Tuesday. Only a few bus routes will be in operation.

ICYMI: One of our most-viewed features the past few days has been a photo gallery of people actually (gasp!) enjoying the record snow in some of JP's parks.

Okay, have a great day!

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