Stony Brook T Sunrise

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Good Morning, #JamaicaPlain! #DevotionToADream #Phish no more promises that no one could keep/ no more lies to keep us from sleep/ no more phone calls when you don't say what you mean/ I've got faith in a fairytale, devotion to a dream/ it's today the vows are broken/ it's today the charade is over/ it's today the curtain's coming down/ now the battle-lines are chosen/ it's today my eyes are open/ it's today the time to turn around/ no more knowing glances or places we can hide/ no more chances to keep this thing alive/ the two of us together it wasn't in the grand scheme/ all it was was a fairytale and devotion to a dream/ devotion to a dream/ no more promises no more keeping score/ no more wondering what I stay here for/ we broke the awkward silence with polite and practiced lies/ while images occupied our minds/ an uneventful voyage that stranded us upstream/ all it was was a fairytale and devotion to a dream/ devotion to a dream/ yesterday my path was chosen/ yesterday my smile was frozen/ yesterday my doors were closing down/ tomorrow I can cross the border/ it's today a new world-order/ yesterday my will was broken down/ I'll ignore where this is leading/ tomorrow glaciers are receding/ now I'm mending things I broke inside/

A photo posted by Edward Byrne (@setbreakstagram) on

Edward Byrne caught this epic sunrise at Stony Brook Station. He Instagrams as Setbreakstagram.

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