Police Alert: Car Vandalism Spikes in JP

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Boston Police issued a community alert on Monday that there has been an uptick in vandalism to motor vehicles. Here's their message, along with tips to keep your ride from becoming a target.

"Your neighborhood has reported an increase in vandalism to motor vehicles. Although, we do have officers that patrol in the JP Centre and South area, and officers perform walking patrols in these areas on a routine basis, we need your assistance. We believe that the most important way to reduce these types of incidents is with community awareness and involvement.
We are asking you to help us prevent further victimization by being on the lookout for suspicious persons and to call 911 if you observe any type of criminal activity in your neighborhood. Generally, it is with help from the community that we are able to stop criminal activity and arrest those responsible.

Thank you for your assistance."

Police also issued these tips:

Protect Your Motor Vehicle

  • Always lock the doors and windows of your vehicle.
  • Always turn off the ignition switch and take the key with you.
  • DO NOT LEAVE laptops, iPods, cameras, cell phones, electronic devices, briefcases, packages, money (including loose change) or other items of value in your vehicle.
  • If you must leave valuables in your car, do not leave them in plain view, lock them in the trunk.
    Anti-theft devices, such as alarms, the “Club” etc., deter thieves. Invest in an alarm if possible
  • Park in well-lit areas or attended parking lots if possible.
  • Alert police and call 911 to report suspicious behavior

Keep up the appearance of your neighborhood. Broken street-lights, abandoned cars, vacant buildings, graffiti, litter and run down areas attract crime – report them to the City.