Biking 2,000 Miles to Talk Period

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On March 31, JP resident Rachel Saudek started biking from Key West, FL back to Boston as part of Sustainable Cycles, a bike ride to promote menstrual health. 7 female bicyclists are riding 3 different routes across the country, all to end up in Boston for The Society for Menstrual Cycle Research's national conference in June, at Suffolk University.

Over her lifetime, a woman will spend over $2,000 and create over 260 pounds of trash by using disposable pads and tampons. Sustainable Cycles works to change this commonplace reality and break the cultural taboo that surrounds menstruation by getting women together to talk about their cycles and share information on how to handle them.

Along the route, the cyclists will gather community for Period-Positive Workshops: safe spaces to have open and honest period talk. They will show & tell (& give away) the alternative menstrual products (reusable pads, cups,and sponges) that most have never heard of. They will celebrate cycling of all kinds. Alternative transportation. Alternative menstruation.