‘I Like You Weird’ — Another Nomination for JP’s Anthem

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Love Love, a Boston band with JP ties, is debuting the video for their song "I Like You Weird" here on Jamaica Plain News. The tune's a candidate for neighborhood anthem.

Take a look and listen at the embedded video and see if it doesn't have a JP vibe. In addition to the sentiment of the song itself being very JP, the video includes shots from The Midway Cafe and the Pond.

The band includes JP singer/songwriter Chris Toppin, who also teaches music in the neighborhood and coaches at Girls Rock Camp, which is mostly based out of Spontaneous Celebrations. Love Love's Jefferson Davis Riordan is the father of the kids you see smashing eggs with tennis racquets in the video.

As you might remember from last spring, there's another strong contender for JP anthem: Rick Berlin's "I Love My Street."

If you dig "I Like You Weird," you can hear Love Love live at the Midway on Saturday.

[Editor's note: We corrected an error in the original post about the parentage of the kids in the video.]