JP Teen Allegedly Surfed on Outside of Orange Line Train

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UPDATE: The alleged train surfer told WCVB "it was stupid." T police told Jamaica Plain News they believe they've identified the other two men in the video and hope to bring charges against them too.


Transit Police posted a video of three young men holding on to the outside of an Orange Line train as it pulls out of Back Bay. One man has been arrested in connection with what cops called the "deadly, criminal" stunts.

MBTA Police charged Jonathan Lopez, 18, of Jamaica Plain with riding upon a train other than as a fare paying passenger (train surfing) and disorderly conduct.

"This conduct is extremely dangerous and can be deadly," Transit Police wrote in a blog post. "The Transit Police will not tolerate such conduct and will identify, locate and arrest anyone performing such deadly, criminal stunts."

The incident took place about 8:15 p.m. on Monday. Jamaica Plain News has a question in to police officials about possible charges for the other men seen in the video.

This isn't an isolated incident. Back in September, police used video to ID a young man riding atop an Orange Line train — and narrowly avoiding being bashed to death by an overpass.

[Editor's note: After looking at the video again, we've updated the number of people apparently train surfing.]