Car Fire at English High School in Jamaica Plain

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Boston firefighters quickly responded to a vehicle with flames showing from its hood in an English High School parking lot around 6 pm tonight, just after the conclusion of a football game at the adjacent field.

Ivan Sanchez, who identified himself as the owner of the vehicle, stood by the scene, as firefighters used chainsaws to cut open the hood so they could extinguish the fire. "I parked it there and went to the field and when I came back it was on fire," said Sanchez, who was attending an English High School football game to watch his daughter, who is a cheerleader for the school. "I was scared."

A Boston firefighter called in the fire and BFD personnel were quickly on scene to extinguish the flames, said Sanchez. He said the vehicle, a 2005 Kia Sedona, had not had any problems before tonight.