Discuss the Future of Washington Street for Jamaica Plain/Roxbury on Jan. 21

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The final theme in the year-long study of the Jamaica Plain/Roxbury Washington Street Corridor will be discussed at English High School on Thursday, January 21 at 6 pm. This is public meeting and doors open at 5:30 pm.

One workshop topic will be how to make traveling through the neighborhood more pleasant and how to connect special places.

Richard Heath

A workshop to discuss the future Washington Street from Jamaica Plain to Roxbury will discuss how to make the experience of traveling through the area more pleasant will take place on Jan. 21st.










The topic is "Moving Around Study" for the January workshop, which will focus on how the Washington Street area for JP and Roxbury connected with other places.

Workshop focus points led by the Boston Redevelopment Authority, include asking how do people travel the study area and what is the experience like getting to the study area of Washington Street. How can these experiences be more pleasant? What are places you want to be be connected to?

The workshop will discuss public spaces like streets, sidewalks and more. Also how can we it be easier to get around on foot, bike. bus or wheelchair?

The BRA plans another 4 -5 workshops into the spring to plan recommendations based on the insights and ideas that have come out of the four theme workshopa since last September.

Click here for more info from the BRA's website.

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The January JP/Rox Plan workshop will focus on how do we move around the study area.

Richard Heath

The January JP/Rox Plan workshop will focus on how do we move around the study area.