‘Black Lives Matter’ Banner Vandalized at Seaverns Avenue Church

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imageA second church in Jamaica Plain has apparently seen its "Black Lives Matter" banner fall victim to tampering.

At the Hope Central Church on Seaverns Avenue, the word "Black" has been crossed out on a ground-level banner. A second banner, posted on the church, was not vandalized.


At the nearby St. John's Episcopal Church (below), a "Black Lives Matter" banner appears untouched.

image image

The apparent vandalism comes on the heels of a vigil held last night outside the First Baptist Church, reports the Boston Globe, where a "Black Lives Matter" banner was stolen this fall. The church replaced the previous banner with a new one.

UPDATE: As of Thursday evening, the vandalized sign had been papered over with a number of "Black Lives Matter" messages. Children hung the fliers intended to restore the banner's original message.