Brassica Kitchen + Cafe Ramping Up in Forest Hills

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Brassica Kitchen + Cafe is upping its snacks, drinks and dinner offerings in anticipation of a full-on May opening in the Fazenda cafe space on in Forest Hills.

According to the Boston Globe:

Brassica Kitchen + Cafe, the chefs’ interpretation of a casual supper club, opens in May in the Fazenda cafe space, but diners can taste what’s coming next to Forest Hills earlier than the spring. On Sunday nights, the two test out cocktails and snacks at their weekly speakeasy, Forest Hills Social Club, and they’ll introduce a full-blown menu as a pop-up March 18 and 19.

The Globe reports that the Brassica team is transforming the Fazenda space (which still services sandwiches and coffee) into a restaurant with a local feel in Forest Hills, on Washington Street across from the MBTA station.

“It’s really the neighborhood spot we want to create now," co-founder Philip Kruta told the Globe. "It’s not really global recognition you need to fill a restaurant, it’s just a good neighborhood.”

Read the full Globe story for more information. Pop-up reservations can be made on OpenTable.