JP/Rox Plan Workshop on May 11 at English High School

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The Boston Redevelopment Authority will host the sixth planning JP/Rox workshop on Wednesday, May 11 to present and discuss the refined recommendations for the study area as a whole and for smaller focus areas in the Washington Street Corridor.

The public meeting will be held at English High School Cafeteria (144 McBride St.). There will be open house at 5:30 pm, followed by a presentation at 6 pm and then groups will breakdown into focus tables at 6:30 pm.

The refined recommendations are based on the considerable detailed public comments that came out of the March 5 workshop at which preliminary ideas were displayed.

The Egleston Square and Stonybrook Neighborhood associations are already on record with their concerns and specific preferences for the their two neighborhoods in relation to study.

Affordability consistent with the study area median income, height and density are probably the three most important issues that have emerged.

BRA senior architect John Dalzell at the March 5 workshop

Richard Heath

BRA senior architect John Dalzell answers questions at the March 5 workshop.

BRA senior planer Marie Mercurio at the March 5 workshop Egleston Square break out station

Richard Heath

BRA senior planer Marie Mercurio at the March 5 workshop Egleston Square breakout session.

As the long planning process, which began in July 2015, winds down to its final months, these ideas will help inform the new zoning for parts of the study area.

In that time two new developments at 3193 and 3353 Washington Street have been filed with the BRA automatically triggering Article 80 reviews.

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