JP’s Connection to a Pineapple Titan

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The internet tells us that today, June 27, may be National Pineapple Day. Whether or not that's the case, it's a good opportunity to point out that Jamaica Plain, despite its lack of tropical climate associated with growing pineapples, has a connection to a famous pineapple industry titan.

If you walk up Roanoke Avenue in JP's Sumner Hill neighborhood, you'll come across this historical placard in front of a home.

Pineapple Dole family

The text reads:

The Dole Family

The Rev. Charles Fletcher Dole (1845-1927) served for more than 40 years as pastor of the First Unitarian Church in Jamaica Plain. His work for peace and free speech influenced Nobel Peace Prize winner Emily Balch.

His son, James Drummond Dole (1877-1958), studied agriculture at Harvard's Bussey Institute (now the Arnold Arboretum). He traveled to the Sandwich Islands in 1901, where he is credited with establishing the Hawaiian pineapple industry.