Hyde Square Task Force Appoints New Executive Director

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Celina Miranda

Dr. Celina Miranda has been named Hyde Square Task Force’s new executive director.

Celina Miranda

Celina Miranda

Miranda has spent her career engaged in work that enables underserved communities to access the resources and opportunities they need for a better future. With more than a decade of experience in philanthropy, she has helped numerous Boston nonprofits secure funding in the service of their mission. Miranda has been a Senior Program Officer at the Richard and Susan Smith Family Foundation since 2012.

A member of HSTF’s Board of Directors from 2009 through 2014, Miranda’s passion for youth, social justice, and education makes her uniquely suited to lead HSTF. She holds an MSW, Ed.M., and PhD.

Miranda was born in El Salvador and moved to California when she was 10. After graduating from Smith College, she worked at a girls program in Dorchester, and explains that her background has informed her career. She has seen many of the issues low-income youth face firsthand.

“There’s a wide gap between those in poverty and those who have wealth. And it’s only getting wider. Low-income youth do not have the same opportunities as young people in more affluent communities. I think organizations like HSTF are making strides with these struggles by not only helping young people prepare for college, but also helping them become critical actors in shaping their community and advocating for a more just society,” said Miranda.

Miranda lives in Milton with her husband, Kevan, a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) who works with at-risk youth, and her daughter, Maya.

Said Miranda, “I am excited about leading such a dynamic organization. Over the past 25 years, HSTF has done an exceptional job with creating a community youth development model that places young people at the center. I am excited to begin strategic conversations with youth, the board, community, and key stakeholders to further define, among many things, HSTF’s role in the newly named Latin Quarter.”