Golden Pheasant Caught on Pond Street by Animal Rescue League of Boston

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Animal Rescue League of Boston Twitter

A golden pheasant that had been loose in Jamaica Plain for several weeks was caught Wednesday by a rescue technician from the Animal Rescue League of Boston.

"It's definitely a boy," said Danielle Genter, senior rescue technician for the ARL, who caught the bird. "I found him under some shrubs and, after a short chase, I was able to catch him with a net by cornering him by a porch."

The elusive and beautiful golden pheasant was photographed by several JP residents in late August.

Genter said the ARL received a phone call from a Pond Street resident Wednesday morning who reported the golden pheasant was in their backyard between 5 and 6 a.m., but the bird was gone by the time Genter arrived. The resident called back around 4 or 5 p.m. to say the bird was back, and Genter was able to nab the wily feathered fellow at that time.

"I picked him up and he squawked once as we put him in the van. Then we brought him to our Dedham branch," Genter said. "He was kind of surprised, but he has settled in nicely [in Dedham]." He is eating a special diet for game birds and some extra treats, she added.

After a veterinary exam, the golden pheasant will be put up for adoption. He will only be adopted to someone who can legally have a golden pheasant in their municipality, as some towns or cities maintain restrictions on keeping certain animals.

And this isn't the first golden pheasant Genter has caught. Several years ago, she caught one on the South Shore.

"They really are beautiful birds. They really stand out," Genter said.