Opinion: Five Ways Jamaica Plain Can Fight Back vs. Trump

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Walking around our JP neighborhood in the weeks since the presidential election and spending time with loved ones over Thanksgiving, it can feel as if the progressive values we love about this place are under threat in much of America. The realization that so many Americans (though not a majority) voted against our values is hugely disappointing. This may grow to anger and outrage as a Trump presidency afflicts damage on our freedoms and institutions.

We can channel that disappointment and anger into action, and so we are thankful for the local organizing that can challenge President Trump and limit the damage of his term. If you are looking for ways to make a difference, the JP Progressives welcome your help. As JP transitions from shock and reflection into plans and action, here are some steps you can take with us:

  1. Right now: Donald Trump has appointed Steve Bannon, the anti-Semitic leader of the far-right website Breitbart, as his White House strategist. Many Democrats and Republicans have spoken out against this abnormal and bigoted decision, but our Governor Charlie Baker has stayed silent. Sign the petition and call the Governor to demand that he take a stand.
  2. Next week: The presidency may be decided, but the Senate is not-- Louisiana votes for Senate on December 10th and will decide how close we are to stopping Trump's agenda. We're meeting in JP to make calls for Foster Campbell, the Democratic Senate candidate who stopped exorbitant fees for prisoners and has spoken out against climate change. Tell us what day you can make it here.
  3. Next two weeks: Donald Trump may support locking up more people, but Massachusetts can show that criminal justice reform, fewer years in prison, and more rehabilitation makes moral and economic sense. Join JPP at the Jobs Not Jails coalition rally on December 13th.
  4. Next month: Progressive causes, from immigration and women's rights, to the environment and freedom of speech, are under attack. Join us on January 12th for a JPP Forum at First Baptist Church on Centre St to hear from key organizations are planning to fight back for these causes, and how we can help.
  5. Whenever you can: We can expect the Federal Government to disappoint us for a while. Jamaica Plain Progressives aims to make our neighborhood and our commonwealth an example to nation for how to protect all our people and invest in our common future. Take our survey to tell us what local & national issues you want to be involved with, and please donate if you can. Funds go to support organizing efforts such as our Hillary Bus to New Hampshire.

This opinion column was written by JP Progressives. JP Progressives is an organization that brings progressives together to: build electoral power, mobilize around issues, build a progressive community and engage the JP community.