Let’s Play Orange Line Bingo!

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Here's a little something to liven up your daily commute: A Jamaica Plain resident has created an "Orange Line Bingo" card that reflects many of the sights and sounds with which MBTA riders are likely familiar -- perhaps too familiar, in some cases.


David Ziegler-Voll on his site David the Tornado explains his creative venture as follows:

I commute daily from my little Boston hood of Jamaica Plain into the city via the T. (For non-Boston residents the T = subway.) Specifically, I ride the Orange Line in all it’s rickety and spine-tingling glory. Out of the four and a half MBTA lines, (I say half because one of the lines is actually a bus, not a train), I’ve actually found the orange line to be the most consistent, which isn’t saying much.

The orange line is old and neglected. If you look at vintage photos of Boston from the early 70’s you will see the very same rusted-out train cars still deafeningly screeching towards Forest Hills. (Supposedly new cars are coming in 2018.)

That being said, commuting via the Orange Line still beats driving, he writes. We hope you don't encounter these experiences on the MBTA frequently. But some of them do ring true, especially at this time of year:

Winter is upon us which can only mean one thing… an even more heightened sense of intolerance, shoving, food space needs, delays and dramatic increase in “medical emergencies”. We haven’t even had a snow storm and the Orange Line delays are already increasing in frequency at an alarming rate. Rather than getting myself all in a tizzy, I decided to make this fun bingo card for all of my fellow T goers.

So here it is… enjoy! Hit me up with anything I may have forgotten… I am sure there is plenty to add.

Click here to read the full post on Ziegler-Voll's site.