JP Condo Prices: My, How Things Have Changed

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Jamaica Plain real estate wasn't always the hottest neighborhood in Boston, but well-preserved (and sometimes not-so-well preserved) Victorian single-family homes could sell for more than $1 million. Lately, some condominiums are joining the million-dollar club.

Two condos in the same building with different addresses (58 Eliot St. and 108 Pond St.) are listed at $1.875 million each.

Take, for example, the very visible yellow house at the corner of Pond Street and the Jamaicaway. Two of the condos are currently listed for $1.875 million each, reports the Boston Herald.

Statistically speaking, condo prices are rising faster than single-family home prices in the Boston area, with condo prices jumping 12.2% in JP in the first half of 2016, according to It remains to be seen if those numbers will hold up as the year winds down.