Papercuts JP Owner Co-Launching Book Publishing Press

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Richard Heath

Papercuts JP is located at 5 Green St.

The owner of Papercuts JP is co-launching a new publishing venture to complement her independent Jamaica Plain bookstore.

Kate Layte, owner and manager of Papercuts JP bookstore in Jamaica Plain.

According to Improper Bostonian, Papercuts owner and manager Kate Layte, who opened the bookstore in 2014, is teaming up with media and events director Katie Eelman to launch Cutlass Press. Eelman will serve as editor-in-chief for the operation, and hopes to publish between three and five books each year. “There are so many wonderful writers whose work breaks the mold of traditional publishing. We want to help to amplify those voices," she told the Improper.

The timing in launching this new venture in not coincidental. They had planned to start up this spring, but current events, and the reactions they observed at the 5 Green St. bookstore, impelled them to push ahead sooner.

"We were selling books at Papercuts the morning after the election and talked with a bunch of heartbroken, frightened customers,” Eelman recalls. “We wanted to celebrate the right to free press, express power in art and creation, and reassure our community that discussion, free thinking and damn good books weren’t going away."

Head on over to Improper Bostonian to find out more, including the locals author behind Cutlass Press' inaugural releases.

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Richard Heath

Papercuts JP is located at 5 Green St.