The 10 Best Restaurants in JP, According to TripAdvisor

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Ethiopian food at Blue Nile.

What do you think is the "best" restaurant in Jamaica Plain according to TripAdvisor? Does your favorite restaurant make the Top 10?

If you said Doyle's is ranked #1, then you are correct. According to, Doyle's Cafe is the #1 restaurant in Jamaica Plain out of 79 restaurants in JP rated on the site. Out of 402 reviews, Doyle's received 188 "excellent" ratings. A five-star review from two weeks ago read: "My son and I visited Doyle's after the Sam Adams tour. It was a great visit. The bartenders were very attentive and the atmosphere was friendly and welcoming." As anybody who frequents Washington Street knows, visiting Doyle's after a tour of the Sam Adams Brewery is very common via a street trolley that runs back and forth between the two.

Oddly, the #2 restaurant in Jamaica Plain on TripAdvisor isn't even in JP! It lists Sorellina, which is in Copley Square. (There appears to be some confusion with Copley Street near Egleston Square.) So we'll just move on...

This is a good break to explain that TripAdvisor ranks restaurants on more than user reviews. They use a Popularity Index, which is a "proprietary algorithm to take into account what travelers like you think -- quantity, quality and recency of TripAdvisor reviews."

In third place in JP is Tres Gatos, followed by The Haven, with Chilacates rounding out the Top 5.

A Nov. 1 review of Tres Gatos said, "The unassuming front of the restaurant doesn't reveal the warmth and homey ambience inside. The cuisine is basically Spanish, but the chef is incredibly creative and everything we ate was completely delicious."

As the only Scottish pub in Boston, The Haven earned excellent feedback, including, "We love eating at the Haven. The fish supper is authentic and delicious and the burger is one of the best!"

Many reviewers remarked on Chilacates' proximity to the MBTA, including one review that said, "The food is fresh and well-prepared. The burritos were done to perfection. Located very close to the Stony Brook T stop, it's a popular stop for people on their way home from work or shopping."

Ethiopian food at Blue Nile, one of Jamaica Plain's Top 10 restaurants, according to TripAdvisor.

Vee Vee is ranked in sixth place, followed by El Oriental de Cuba -- a favorite of many Red Sox players -- and then by Blue Nile, which offers delicious Ethiopian fare. Then comes the Dogwood Cafe, JP Seafood Cafe and The Frogmore Low Country Kitchen & Bar.

In total there are 2,373 restaurants reviewed in Boston by TripAdvisor, which is based in Needham.