PLAN: JP/ROX Public Event on Wednesday Night

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The Boston Planning & Development Agency (BPDA) will host a public event for residents to learn about the priorities of PLAN: JP/ROX, and for the community to provide comments about the PLAN's recommendations.

PLAN: JP/ROX is a study to actively engage the community to create a new vision and plan for the area between Forest Hills, Egleston Square and Jackson Square, generally bounded by Washington Street, Columbus Avenue, and Amory Street, according to the BPDA's website. The plan encompasses approximately 250 acres and more than 6,000 residents.

Since July 2015 there have been nine community events, 12 public advisory group meetings and more than 25 small group and stakeholder meetings, according to the BPDA website.

The goal of the PLAN is to create recommendations that will be adopted in a subsequent zoning phase that will involve the community. The PLAN will provide recommendations and strategies regarding affordable housing, jobs, businesses, guidelines for urban design, suggestions for transportation improvements, open space, sustainability and the public realm.

While there has been great community participation, there have also been several delays to the PLAN as feedback was received by the BPDA. There have also been protests to public meetings by several groups.

As expected the PLAN has also gone through several drafts, and a draft of the final PLAN was provided to the public in October, which also received recommended changes after feedback.

Here are the recommended changes to the October plan.

Here is the most recent draft released by the BPDA on January 9, 2017. 

Wednesday's meeting is expected to be well-attended and it is important that people are respectful as the community works towards a working final draft.

"We recognize and love the passion of our JP/ROX community and have worked with the PLANJP/ROX Advisory Group to structure an inclusive and participatory meeting," said Marie Mercurio, Senior Planner for the BPDA, via email to the community. "We ask your support in ensuring this forum is inviting to all in our community and that we are all kind and courteous in our listening and contributions."

Click here to read an opinion piece by Tim Reardon, a member of the Board of Directors of Egleston Square Main Streets and a member of the PLAN: JP/ROX Advisory group.

Click here to read a submitted article from Susan Cibulsky, a member of the Stonybrook Neighborhood Association's Washington Street Corridor Subcommittee.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, January 18th, with an open house starting at 5:30 pm, a presentation at 6 pm. This public meeting is taking place at the Anna M. Cole Community Center at 10 Lamartine Street Extension (Mildred C. Hailey Apartments, entry faces the Southwest Corridor).

Public comments can be submitted by clicking here through January 25, 2017.