Read Mayor Walsh’s Full Speech on Immigration Orders, Sanctuary Cities

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On Wednesday, with numerous elected officials standing by his side, Mayor Martin Walsh quickly denounced President Trump’s executive orders targeting illegal immigrants.

Read Walsh's full speech:

I called this press conference because I am disturbed and angered by the news out of Washington, D.C. today.

The White House is advancing the most destructive and un-American threats made during the campaign.

The latest executive orders and statements by the president about immigrants are a direct attack on Boston’s people, Boston’s strength, and Boston’s values.

We are a city—and a nation—built on immigrant contributions and we depend on newcomers for our vitality and community.

28 percent of Boston residents are immigrants and 48 percent of our children have at least one foreign-born parent.

I was one of those kids. Boston was here for me and my family. As long as I’m mayor we will never turn our backs on those seeking a better life.

We will continue to foster trusting relationships between law enforcement and immigrant communities. And we will not waste vital police resources on misguided federal actions.

We will not be intimidated by threats to federal funding. We have each other’s backs and we have the Constitution of the United States on our side.

I want to say directly to anyone who feels threatened or vulnerable today: you are safe in Boston. I will do everything lawful in my power to protect you. If necessary, I will use City Hall itself to shelter and protect anyone targeted unjustly.

I say again to all of Boston and to Washington: we will not retreat one inch from being the welcoming, diverse, global community that’s made us one of the most successful cities in the world.

Our Office of Immigrant Advancement has expanded services for immigrants and has been pro-actively monitoring this situation. Anyone with concerns can contact them by calling 3-1-1.

Finally, on this business of building a wall: the president’s energy and the nation’s resources should be aimed at solving the serious challenges we face both globally and locally. He should be directing his Administration to create good jobs. He should be directing plans to help the homeless on our streets; the veterans re-entering civilian life; the seniors who have worked hard all their life and deserve a secure retirement; and the children in our schools.

A president’s job is to bring us together and elevate us, not divide us from each other and tear us down.