Photos: Nesting Screech Owl in Arnold Arboretum

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A nesting female screech owl has attracted many onlookers at the Arnold Arboretum during the past week or so.

The female is nesting in a black locust tree on the Jamaica Plain side of the arboretum, along the main pathway near the three little ponds. On several occasions, the female has been joined by a male screech owl after the two exchanged mating calls around dusk.

Many arboretum visitors have stopped to see why so many people -- among them amateur photographers and ornithologists armed with binoculars -- are staring up at the tree and have been happily surprised to learn about the nesting female. Many arboretum regulars have also remarked they have seen nesting screech owls in that particular black locust tree through the years.

These pictures are courtesy of local photographer David Forsyth.

David Forsyth

A screech owl in the Arnold Arboretum.