New Cigarette ‘Buttlers’ Help Centre Street Look Its Best

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Jane Helms/

One of the new Sidewalk Buttlers on Centre Street

Jane Helms /

One of the new Sidewalk Buttlers on Centre Street

In November, Jamaica Plain News reported that smart receptacles for cigarette butts would soon be coming to Centre Street. These Sidewalk Buttlers are now up. Each box bears the name of a local business that helped sponsor the project. The boxes are inconspicuous, so you might not have noticed them yet.

"I think that they’re really helpful because I do smoke and there are not always trash cans nearby," said Ari Barrett, who works at Caffé Nero. "I’m glad to see the city making an effort to keep things nice."

Most of the people on the street Jamaica Plain News spoke to Monday afternoon hadn't even noticed the new receptacles.

Pam Goodale, the owner of station8salon, said she chose to sponsor the effort after the JP Business & Professional Association reached out to her.

"I jumped on it because litter has always been an issue here," said Goodale, who is herself a smoker. "I’ve seen people putting their butts in there."