What Can JP Do About Trump? Here Are Some Actions, Plus a Community Fundraiser June 21

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After the election in November, Jamaica Plain felt to many of us like a refuge from the disturbing challenge of national politics. As the dust has settled (and even though it's regularly unsettled again by President Trump’s Twitter feed), progressives have faced a different challenge: How do we maintain our sense of outrage when everything becomes outrageous? How can this national moment of distrust, fear, hatred and exclusion be temporary, not the new normal?

We believe that the best way to combat the outrage of Trump is by getting to work. Over the past six months, neighbors who care about progressive values have begun to fight back. One lesson of the 2016 election was that we need to be more dedicated to our values in our local community, and we can’t give up on other places that deserve the same welcoming community we have in Jamaica Plain.

JP residents have come together with the JP Progressives to organize politically so the rest of our country can look more like our neighborhood -- more caring, welcoming and mindful of the social change needed to create real equity. From the Women’s March in January to phone banking for progressive victory in a Georgia election in June, the best antidote to hand-wringing is action.

If you want to turn this moment of progressive activism into a movement that can channel our outrage into accomplishments, join our celebration of this work and community fundraiser to allow it to continue on Wednesday, June 21, at 7 p.m. at Doyle’s.

Here are some of the local, state and national actions led by JP neighbors that can use your energy and support:

* Local elections: Get involved in election work in Boston and support local candidates for office. Contact Annie Rousseau at revarousseau@comcast.net.

* State action: Lobby the State House for progressive change in our state including criminal justice reform, safe communities for immigrants, the Fair Share Amendment for progressive revenue, raising the minimum wage and paid family leave. Contact Enid Eckstein at enidaeckstein@gmail.com or Ziba Cranmer at zibacranmer@gmail.com.

* Indivisible: Fight to defend progressive accomplishments like the Affordable Care Act and oppose the Trump agenda by making Congress know their constituents support progressive values. Activities include tracking the work of Congress and meeting with representatives to make our voices heard. Contact Will Poff-Webster at wpoffwebster@gmail.com.

* Sister districts: Take back Congress and state legislatures by campaigning for progressives in targeted districts. We support campaigns in Montana, Georgia and other areas and make calls to support the Affordable Care Act. Contact Nikki Kong at nikkikongster@gmail.com.

* Outreach and voter registration: Create a diverse progressive movement in JP and help complete voter registration. Contact Ed Burley at Ed@emancipatedgroup.com.

This opinion column was written by JP Progressives, an organization that brings progressives together to build a progressive voice in our community, mobilize around issues and organize for change in Boston, Massachusetts and national politics.