Cat Critically Injured After Fall from Sixth Floor Window in Jamaica Plain

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Nora is now out of the hospital and will be available for adoption in several weeks (credit MSPCA-Angell)

Curiosity almost got the best of a six-month-old cat named “Nora,” who was rushed to the MSPCA’s adoption center on June 21 after falling from a sixth floor window of a building on Parker Street and suffering traumatic brain injury as well as lung and facial trauma, the MSPCA-Angell announced today.

Nora is now out of the hospital and will be available for adoption in several weeks (credit MSPCA-Angell)

Veterinarians at Angell Animal Medical Center’s emergency and critical care unit assessed the young feline and diagnosed a pneumothorax—a potentially deadly accumulation of air between the chest wall and the lungs which often results from trauma. Doctors believe that she will overcome these injuries in time.

On Oxygen
Nora spent her first 48 hours in a special oxygenated cage in Angell’s emergency unit, since breathing proved very difficult. She has since transitioned out of the veterinary hospital and is continuing to recover in the MSPCA’s adoption center next door.

Surrendered to the MSPCA’s Care
Nora’s previous owners opted to surrender her to the MSPCA’s care, which means she will need a loving new home.

“Cats falling from great heights is especially common during the summer months as people have their doors and windows open due to the heat,” said adoption center manager Alyssa Krieger, who said that about 10 cats have come into the center so far this season having fallen out of windows. “We’re taking her recovery day by day and will be announcing her availability for adoption in the coming weeks.”

How You Can Help
The MSPCA’s adoption center spends, on average, $15,000 per month treating animals struck by cars, injured in accidents or cruelty cases and suffering from diseases such as mange and cancer—and even neurological and cardiac issues.

Anyone who wishes to contribute toward the cost of Nora’s care—or animals like her—may do so by clicking Readers can contact with adoption-specific questions.