Comedy for 13 Hours Straight! Jamaica Plain Improv Festival on August 12th

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Chorizo Shanks, Big 'Ol Dentist and Andrew Preps Your Bits and Gives Out Booze are just a few of the comedy improv groups set to tickle your funny bones this Saturday at the 2017 Jamaica Plain Improv Festival. Those groups are among more than 150 performers who will be bringing hilariousness for 13 hours straight!

"The JP Improv Festival is DIY comedy at its best. Fast, experimental, and centered around one of Boston's most innovative comedy theaters, The Riot, JPIF is 12+ hours of some of the best comedy you'll see. Plus some sets will feature people dressed as Bruce Springsteen," said comedian Conor Allen.

Some other groups include Dismantled, who are described as "spoofs, goofs and deeper truths"; Improvised History, who are described as "historically funny, hysterically inaccurate"; and Slap-Prov, whose comedy ends "a scene with a slap."

The long form improv comedy marathon is being hosted by Naffy Improv and The Riot Theater at the Riot Theater (146 South St.) starting at noon and ending at 1 am.

Click here for a full list of all scheduled performers.

All day tickets are $20, prime time tickets (8 pm to 1 am) are $10 -- and all tickets can be purchased by clicking here.