Who’s Stealing Mail from USPS Mailboxes in Jamaica Plain?

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Multiple Jamaica Plain residents have said that items they've placed in local United States Post Office blue bins around the neighborhood have been stolen out from the boxes.

"Just a word of warning: our letter carrier (I live near the brewery) found the torn-up remnants of a package I had mailed yesterday, on the corner of Amory and Boylston. I had put it in the blue box on that corner the day before," wrote Emily Marsh on the Jamaica Plain Facebook group page. "Seems like someone is reaching into the mailbox with some kind of device (!!) and pulling out packages. I'm pretty sure this is the second time this has happened because I mailed something else there a couple weeks ago and it never arrived. So – be careful with that mailbox! I'm following up with the JP Post Office branch now..."

Marsh isn't the only one who has had items go missing after trying to mail them from a blue US Postal box in the area.

"I live near Franklin Park and had checks stolen from one of the blue US Postal boxes in this neighborhood," said Susan Lovett. Lovett said a Boston Police detective told her that items are being stolen from Jamaica Plain post office boxes because people have figured out how to take mail from the blue boxes.

Other comments also told similar stories of items they placed in the blue bins not making it to their destinations.

It is not known how the US postal boxes are being robbed, but Marsh provided some insight, "My package remnants had some sticky stuff all over it, which the letter carrier thought might have been used on the end of a stick or something to pull out the package?? that was his theory anyway...."

To avoid your packages and letters from being stolen numerous commenters suggested to bring your mail directly to a local post office such as the one on Centre Street. It may be annoying, but hopefully your mail will get to its desired destination.