JP Town Hall with Rep Malia’s Office to Discuss ‘Involved’ on Friday

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State Rep. Liz Malia's team are hosting a Town Hall meeting on Friday to discuss and demonstrate Involved, a new community app available to all Massachusetts government representatives. The online app is being used to provide elected officials with feedback from their constituents.

The Involved app is being used by Massachusetts elected officials to receive feedback from constituents.

Currently, Malia is using the app to help inform her decisions and has a current poll wanting feedback about the Safe Communities Act.

The Involved app works by elected officials creating a question and sending the question to the community. The service will alert you of the question via email or the Involved app. The responses generate a real-time report on the needs and wishes of the community, and better informs the elected official on how to act based on the feedback.

The meeting will be on Friday, Nov. 10th, at 7 pm, at the First Baptist Church (633 Centre St.).  Malia's team and representatives for the Involved app will discuss how Malia's office plans to use it in the future.

Please visit to download the app and to find out more about Involved before attending the meeting.