ICYMI: James’s Gate Restaurant Razed

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Elizabeth Bean

The old James's Gate building was razed in fall 2017.

The old building that housed the popular James's Gate restaurant was razed recently and fans mourned its loss. The building is now gone with a hole in the ground taking its place, but the James's Gate mural is still visible on the outside wall of the old Fernandez Spa building.

James's Gate quickly closed in September 2015, even though the restaurant at the corner of South and McBride streets was still quite popular. The building was then sold to a developer in March 2016. In January 2017 the city's Zoning Board of Appeals approved a four-story mixed-use condo building that will be built on the site.

While James's Gate closed, part of it still lives on at The Gate Bar and Restaurant in Egleston Square, which was opened this year by Paul Byrne, a former co-owner of James’s Gate.