JP Resident Tells Tale of Income Inequality in ‘Living Between Stories’

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Jamaica Plain's Chuck Collins has spent the last three decades examining trends of income and wealth inequality. In the new film, "Living Between Stories," Collins tackles the topic with personal stories while reframing historical analysis.

“We are living between stories, as Charles Eisenstein observes. The ‘old story’ of wealth, economic well-being, and deservedness has run its course. This story has brought us to the brink of ecological ruin and violent divisions," said Collins in his book  "Born on Third Base," which inspired the making of the film. "We are in the process of creating a ‘new story’ that describes the deep interconnection between humans and nature. Wealthy people can aid in this transition to a new story and system.”

"(Living Between Stories) really spoke to me in terms of the life that Chuck has lived -- living between the stories of the wealthy and everyone else -- and the more literal narratives set in place regarding wealth creation, deservedness and advantage," said filmmaker Kevin Tobin to Jamaica Plain News. "We are in a time where the Horatio Alger stories are finally being debunked into mythology, and people are starting to come around to the reality of white male supremacy playing a serious role in the status of so many Americans today. Whether it's the racial wealth divide, the gender pay gap, or Indigenous Peoples lands -- there are clear examples of 'public policies in the past showing up in the present.' As we work create a more equitable society, and evolve essentially, we can no longer settle to survive between these stories, but truly live beyond them."

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"The aggressive gentrification, income disparities, and wealth divides in Roslindale and JP were some of the major influences I had in making this film.  It's hard to imagine this film without that very personal context in it," said Tobin.

The filmmakers are also in the midst of a $25,000 production fundraiser to complete the film. The total budget of the film is estimated to be around $125,000. If you would like to contribute to the fundraising campaign please click here.