Calling All Singing Families: SingPositive Open Rehearsal on Jan. 28th

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The SingPositive family choir performs at the Wake Up the Earth Festival.

Does your family like singing? Maybe you'd like to join an intergenerational family choir. If you're interested then you should attend SingPositive's open rehearsals at Spontaneous Celebrations in Jamaica Plain this Sunday. There's no commitment and don't worry about singing on key.

SingPositive includes more than 25 families making music together on Sunday afternoons. The is a vast range of musical genres that the choir touches upon -- from Jennifer Lopez to Pete Seeger to Leadbelly.

They sing old favorites, learn new songs with a professional conductor and have a great family time. SingPositive also teams up with local musicians, community groups, has its own youth band -- and they participate in some of JP's favorite events like the Lantern Parade at Jamaica Pond and the Wake Up the Earth Festival. They also perform concerts during the year.

It does cost to join the choir, which includes weekly chorus rehearsals, classes for kids with professional music teachers and kids ages 4 to 7 receive comprehensive music training with the Dalcroze School of Boston.

Open rehearsals are this Sunday, Jan. 28th from 3:45 to 6 pm at Spontaneous Celebrations (45 Danforth St.), Jamaica Plain. There will also be open rehearsals on Feb. 11th and 14th.

Click here for more information about SingPositive and open rehearsals.