Photo Exhibit Captures Vibrancy and Diversity of JP on Display at State House

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Robin Radin has been taking photos of the cultural and natural landscape of Jamaica Plain for 35 years. Her latest exhibit, "Landscapes and Streetscapes of Jamaica Plain," is now on display at state Rep. Jeffrey Sanchez's office.

"My work draws inspiration from the vibrant, diverse street life and from the brilliance in the landscapes of Franklin Park, Jamaica Pond, Arnold Arboretum and the Emerald Necklace parklands," says Radin's artist statement about the exhibit. "With my landscape work, I seek to elicit the beauty in settings that might otherwise seem ordinary. In particular, my photographs aim to reveal how urban wilds and parklands can unexpectedly evoke a human presence."

"With my portrait work, I photograph people within their neighborhoods by observing their relationships with family, neighbors, and the immediate environment," said Radin.

"My work examines the intricacies of human relations: a visual acknowledgement that we are both together as community and family, and alone, as individuals. My images capture quiet, introspective moments that occur in the midst of the kinetic rhythms of urban life,” said Radin.

The exhibit is at the The Massachusetts State House in Rep. Sanchez’s office (Room 243) and will run through mid-April. To arrange a visit to view the exhibit, please call Ryan Manganelli, legislative aide for Sanchez at 617-722- 2990 or Robin Radin at 617-312- 2882.