Jamaica Plain Man Found Guilty of Second-Degree Murder in 2016 Beating

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On Monday a jury found a Jamaica Plain man guilty of a 2016 second-degree murder during which security cameras captured the man stomping the victim in the head after he was mortally wounded.

Along with the second-degree murder charge, Abdullah Yasin, 24, was also found guilty of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon by a jury in the March 27, 2016 murder of Chaz Burton, who was 26, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

Fabian Llano, 27, of Lynn, was found guilty of two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and a single count of misleading a police officer, but was acquitted of murder.

Yasin and Llano had been indicted for first-degree murder in addition to the assault charges. They were among nine defendants charged in the fatality. Stephon Date, 54, previously pled guilty. Benjamin Tate, 25, faces trial at a later on a charge of first-degree murder. Deborah Rate, 43; Lashon Tate, 26; George Tate, 24; Michael Tate, 30; and Dwayne Joseph, 30, are each charged with lesser offenses for their roles in the murder and the aftermath. They have trials later in the year, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office. All of the Tates are cousins, except for Stephon Tate, who is their uncle, and the other defendants are family friends.

The victim was at a party in a River Street building in Mattapan and became involved in a verbal exchange with Benjamin and Stephon Tate before leaving the party with a group of acquaintances, said the DA's office. Outside of the party, the group came across Benjamin Tate and Stephon Tate and a physical altercation ensued with members of the Tate group getting involved with some pulling wooden stakes from the ground to use them as weapons.

Yasin and Llano joined the fight and Burton tried to flee by going into the building where the party was being held. The assault on Burton continued in the building, where evidence showed Llano threw a metal stand that struck Burton. The victim was then shot and attempted to run for an exit before collapsing. A security camera inside the building recorded Yasin and Llano stomp on Burton's head as he lay mortally wounded,  proved prosecutors.

Llano would later provide misleading statements to Boston Police who were investigating the murder.

Sentencing will occur at a later date.